Power Generation

We supply traditional power generation sectors like Gas turbines and Nuclear as well as the renewables industry with fabrication and components for Wind turbines (WT).

Gas turbine (GT) repair and fabrication services include on-site installation as required with specialist services able to be deployed.

Specialist services 

  • GT expert opinion
  • Plant studies and conditioning audits
  • On-site GT operator training
  • Preventative maintenance and spare part planning

Manufacture and repair of :

  • Exhaust Ducting manufacture and repair
    • Plenum gaskets (*Stainless and Aluminium )
    • Diffuser manufacture and repair
    • Frame repairs
    • Insulation pack and seals  
  • Inlet ducting
  • GT roof sections 
  • Turbine accessories and generator compartments 
  • GT accessory gear box
  • Shroud blocks